A Place for Us by Fifi

(Tiago’s note–This is the fifth in a series of refections by women prisoners in Brazil.  The women have given their permission for this blog post although their names have been changed. 

In this reflection, Fifi shares the feeling she has being incarcerated shortly after losing her one-week old son.  Please think about and pray for the deceased child, the author “Fifi” and the other women in prisons throughout the world.  Let’s ask Him to provide them with the strength to carry on in these dark places.)


To be a human is to feel pain, sadness, happiness, and love. But for me, feeling like a human sucks.

If I could go to heaven, I would tell my son how much I love him, I miss him, and ask him how he is doing.  I would ask him if he is happy and if he is proud of me for doing everything I could do until his last breath.

I also wanna tell him how proud I am of him, how he fought for his life, but it was not meant to be, to be a (long) life.

Then I want to come back to earth and live a life like a normal human being.  This is what it feels like to be a human right now for me.


3 thoughts on “A Place for Us by Fifi

  1. Tiago, please tell Fifi how much her love touches and inspires me. Surely her son knew of her love while alive, and knows it even more now. We can’t take her pain from her, but we can try to share it with her, along with our love. Love and blessings to you and to her.


  2. Tiago I am also a mom I can fully understand her pain nothing can be more painful then watching the death of own kid. Her sadness, depression and void she is feeling is a part of that lost hope she had in those twinkling eyes . Just tell her if her son was fighter she is also a fighter who is fighting against her own thoughts..keep defeating all the odds and keep moving with full strength. God bless her!

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