The Loss of a Loved One by Fifi


(Tiago’s note–This is the sixth in a series of refections by women prisoners in Brazil and the second by Fifi.  The women have given their permission for this blog post although their names have been changed.  In this reflection, Fifi shares the feeling of loss after losing her one-week old son shortly before coming to prison.  Please think about and pray for the author “Fifi” and her angel.  Pray for the thousands of women in prisons who also desperately miss their loved ones.)

When you lose a loved one, it is very painful.  It is like they take a piece away from your life.  For some, its easier to get over than another; everyone is different.  The pain will never go away, but you will learn to live with and handle it.

The moment the person you lose is going to heaven, it is better but still very painful for the loved ones left behind.  Everybody handles the grieving process differently.

In your mind, you know its better that your loved one has gone to heaven, but in your heart you want something else.  Your loved one has no more pain and can be happy in heaven; away from your life they are actually nearer.  I know that I will always have the new angel with me and he will watch over me.


6 thoughts on “The Loss of a Loved One by Fifi

  1. They are pretty, your words, and your reflection, and true.
    But you’re also right, it’s hard to accept and let them go. When Karen passed in ’09 some said I cried every minute of everyday. So much so, that an angel, or Christ, came down and said, “I carried her home myself, now stop this”.
    It still took several years of counseling before I could care for myself again. Praise be to God and his servants.

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  2. Good question Tiago. I do not know, as most times it’s just a soft voice telling me to do something…like fasten my seat belt, or don’t do drugs. But I am always listening.
    And thank you for your caring.

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  3. The loss of a child is a hard blow. Fifi, I pray that God will strengthen you and give you understanding. One day all of our earthly pain and struggles will be over- God has carried them to the cross. Upholding you in prayer.

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