About Tiago

Version 2

Catholic Missionary in Brazil

Focus: Education, Pastoral Care

Project(s): Homeless and Prison Ministries

People Served: Prisoners and Homeless

Project Goal(s):  Share Gospel Values with the marginalized in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Current Ministry: 

Tiago is serving the US Catholic Church in Brazil as an independent missionary.  He is currently engaged in mission in six São Paulo prisons and a homeless ministry in the center of the city.  He ministers to both men and women on the streets and in the prisons.  Many of the women prisoners he meets with are from foreign countries and do not have family or friends to visit them; many only speak English too.

His ministries provide the incarcerated and homeless with quality human contact and chance to think, pray, and reflect on God’s presence in their lives.  He also teaches a basic English class in the prisons using Gospel Values.  The class provides a positive environment and a confidence builder for his students.

From Tiago:

“I was a prisoner and you visited me; I was hungry and you fed me.”  These quotes from the Bible drive my mission.  We try to reenforce to the Sao Paulo homeless and Brazilian prisoners that they are like the three kings who set out on a Camino to find Jesus.  Even though they are in a dark and violent place, they still have presents to offer like the Magi gave to the Christ Child.  Their presents such as peace, love, wisdom, and understanding make an incredible difference in the lives of their families on the outside and the lives of each other on the inside.  They also give their presents of hospitality and friendship to us when we visit.  It’s a wonderful relationship!

We also emphasize to the marginalized of Sao Paulo that they are not forgotten by us or the Catholic Church.  We are on the same Camino together and will walk with them as they struggle to find meaning in life.